Date: 19th January 2014


Farmer of the Year 2013

Location: Kampong Tralach District, Kampong Chhnang Province


More than 300 farmers gathered at the Sala Lek 5 in Kampong Tralach, Kampong Chhnang province today for the coronation of Farmer of the Year 2013hosted by the Provincial Department of Agriculture Kampong Chhnang with support of GIZ.

Farmers from all over the province brought different rice breeds and a great variety of vegetables as well as various chicken, pig and cow breeds. The farmers’ products went under critical examination by a jury of independent judges. There was also an exhibition of the latest technological innovations ranging from improved vegetable seeds to the latest tractors. A number of cultural performances encompassing dances, songs and drama accompanied the program, before the most outstanding farmer entered the stage to share their experience.

The twenty five most outstanding farmers in Kampong Chhnang province explained best cultivation and husbandry practices and were awarded with material prices worth almost 10,000 US$. Besides the lessons learned from the Farmers of the Year, farmers could learn about organic certification standards, the appropriate use of agricultural inputs, improved livestock farming and other topics during the educational program conducted by Cambodia Natural Agriculture Development (CNAD), Cambodian Organic Agriculture Association (COrAA), Angor Green and other organizations and companies. In a role-play performed by the Department of Culture and Fine Arts the importance of financial literacy was emphasised. A panel discussion elaborated potentials and challenges in the development of agri-businesses. More than a dozen exhibitors presented their products and services to the farming community.

A new portfolio was created in Kampong Chhnang uniting producers, suppliers and experts in the exchange of best practices, local expertise, latest technologies and innovations. Farmers and multiple supporting stakeholders together created a public forum to improve the dissemination of knowledge solutions and to support farmers’ adaptive capacity.

Today might have been the first of many public agricultural shows in Kampong Chhnang.

Next festival will be held on Sunday, 26 January 2014, organized by PDA Pursat at the Provincial Teacher Training Center, Prey Nhi Commune, Pursat Town. Everybody is invited to join the event.


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