Last Year Events



In December 2012 the best farmer of the year were coronated in Kampong Thom province. Three agricultural shows in Kampong Thom attracted hundreds of visitors to examine the best farm products of the district, learn more about the latest technologies, watch traditional Cambodian dancing and art play, listen to a singing contest and be entertained by many other attractions.

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500 farmers presented their rice, vegetables, chickens, pigs and cows to the jury. It was not an easy task for the these independent experts to judge almost hundrets of animals and non-livestock farm products and it required more than shiny vegetable to win a prize. The judges intensively tested the farmers’ knowledge of their products and only the best five of each subject were called on stage at the end of the day to be awarded the best farmers of the year in the Baray district. Water-pumps and sowing machines and many more prizes were awarded to the top 5 winners in each competition.

About 1500 people joined the three agricultural shows organised by the Provincial Department of Agriculture with the support of GIZ. These events were the first of their kind in Cambodia. Most agricultural shows in Cambodia are trade fairs that provide a stage for companies to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services but so far, farmers’ own achievements have rarely been displayed and celebrated. For the first time, farmers were invited to an open competition of their products at the ‘Best Farmer 2012’ shows. These events focused on Khmer farmers’ practices and knowledge and honored their achievements.


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