Get involved


Specifically, we would like to propose to your company or organization to contribute to our event by joining the exhibition and/or to take part in our program in any of the categories and options below depending on the nature of your products and services.

We really appreciate and welcome any and as many forms of contributions. You and your organization can involve in:


1.     Competition

We welcome individual and organization/project’s farmers to participate in our competition in each of our 5 competition subjects:

  • Rice: Any variety can be submitted, Multiple varieties can be presented, 5kg of un-milled and 5Kg of milled rice of each rice variety have to be displayed,  Additional milled rice and plants can be presented
  • Vegetable: All types of vegetables can be presented, At least 5Kg of vegetable have to be presented, Multiple vegetables can be presented
  • Chicken: Hen and rooster have to be presented, Any breed can be presented
  • Pig: Only one pig per participant can be presented, Pig should be raised for meat production and weight not less than 50kg and not more than 100kg
  • Cow: One cow or bull of any breed can be presented

Note: each person/farmer can choose only 1 subject

Click of detailed participation criteria

Farmer Registration Form through NGO


2.     Exhibition

  • Category 1: Agricultural Inputs (Seed, Animal Breed, Vaccine, Fertilizer, Nutrient, Pesticide, Herbicide, Insecticide…)
  • Category 2: Agricultural Machinery (Machinery: Tractor, Walking Tractor, Water Pump, Harvester….) and Tools  (Plastic Seedbed, Plough, Rotavator, Rake, Drum Seeder, Weeding Machine, Grass cutter, Chemical Sprayer, Tube….)
  • Category 3: Rural Livelihood Improvement Products (direct or indirect), Energy (solar panel, stove, coal) with Demonstration; Sanitation: Water filter, Toilet… Others

Application for Private Company

Registration Form-NGO


3.    Program

  • Option 1. Competition Judgment Expert: Your company or organization send experts in any of the 5 competition subjects (Rice, Vegetable, Chicken, Pig, and Cow) to be part of our judgment committee
  • Option 2. Booth Education and Demonstration: Possible topics: Sexual and Reproduction Health, Nutritional Education, Sanitation and Hygiene (Soap, Hand wash), and others….
  • Option 3. Consulting/Problem Solving and Official Workshop: Possible topics: Best practice for animal (can be more specific) production, best practice for veggies or rice (to be more specific) production, family budge planning, agriculture production finance control (calculate profit and loss regarding production), and others….
  • Option 4. Machinery Demonstration/Parade: All agriculture machinery do the demonstration in actions on the field with the commentary of special features and using values.

Application for Private Company

Registration Form-NGO



Contributing to this farmer events, your organization will benefit as follow:

  • Reach out/sell your company’s products and services or organizational image to over 3,000 farmers through our interactive program (we have sessions that bring farmers to you and sessions that bring your company/organization on stage)
  • Being mentioned as honor supporter in the program
  • Appear on our media broadcast
  • Build networks in farmers, farmers associations, and other NGOs
  • Contribute to the improvement of farmers livelihood

If you would like to get involved, please contact the person below:

Mobile: +855 12 301 826


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