Farmer’s innovations and their contribution to a “body of knowledge” on sustainable agriculture, is mostly neglected because they often lack capacity to document and systemise their findings which hinders dissemination and scaling up processes substantially. Agricultural competitions and shows focussing on small-scale farmers achievements can overcome the knowledge dissemination challenge and thus are beneficial for farmers innovating capacity in rural areas.

The Provincial Departments Agriculture (PDA) in Kampong Thom, Kampong Chhnang and Pursat, USAID’s Cambodia Harvest Program and German Development Cooperation (GIZ) bring together rural small-scale farmers in a collaborative manner to learn from each other’s capabilities and to celebrate rural live and the value of villagers in Cambodian society. These Farmer of the Year 2013 events showcase animals, products, equipment and recreation associated with agriculture and animal husbandry.

A new portfolio will be created uniting producers, suppliers and experts in the presentation of best practices and local expertise. Together they will create a public platform to honor and award farmers’ achievements. These events feature farmers’ identity; not scientists’ achievements but farmers’ products will be in the public eye. Farmers’ local knowledge and their locally adapted breeds will be honored.

Please find CONCEPT_PAPER here!




Best Farmer 2012

Best Farmer 2012


In December 2012 the best farmer of the year were coronated in Kampong Thom province. Three agricultural shows in Kampong Thom attracted hundreds of visitors to examine the best farm products of the district, learn more about the latest technologies, watch traditional Cambodian dancing and art play, listen to a singing contest and be entertained by many other attractions.

Read more about Last Year Event


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